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Babette Davis

Babette Davis

January 12, 2013, 10:30am - 1:30pm

Soul Foods

My journey to health began in the winter of 1990 when I met my husband, Rondal Davis. I was auditioning for his music group, Zero N, and to tell the truth, it was his ability to contort into the most amazing Yoga poses that drew me in. After conversing with him, I realized not only was he an extremely disciplined individual, but that he also had a wealth of knowledge about health. This interested me greatly since I was facing my own health issues at the time. For years I had suffered with digestive problems, heartburn, excessive bloating and food allergies. After expressing an interest in his lifestyle and sharing my many ailments, he quickly suggested I read two books that would changed the course of my life forever. They were Fit For Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond and The Mucusless Diet Healing System by Dr. Arnold Ehret. As I began reading these books I realized my ailments were all food induced.

The lifestyle changes the books suggested appealed to my common sense and I was convinced that they were worth giving a try. The books did not suggest fad diets or medications; they simply suggested a fruit- and vegetable-based diet. Having grown up eating what most refer to as, “soul food,” I was not sure if I was willing to compromise my taste buds, however, as I embarked on my journey to health, I experimented with new cuisine and realized healthy food was not only delicious and nutritious, but it also played a key role in all life on the planet!

I then adopted the philosophy that we as humans have a connection with the food we eat, therefore; only the best deserves to enter our temples. My newfound philosophy and relationship with food led to astonishing transformations in my appearance and state of mind.

Initially, my change was all about “me” but every time I heard about someone suffering from diabetes or obesity related problems I felt compelled to share my newfound knowledge. My husband taught me to “slow cook with love” eventually the kitchen became my second home. I was like a chemist in the kitchen, experimenting and perfecting delicious tasting healthy food. 

News about, “The Stuff I was Eating” began to spread and eventually I became a food vendor on Sundays at The City of Angels Church and then The Agape Spiritual Center. This ultimately lead to the inception of Stuff I Eat Vegan Restaurant, which opened its doors in the spring of 2008. Stuff I Eat has allowed me to share healthy food with many people - A blessing from the most high. Continuously growing and advancing in my own journey to health, I realize that all though it began with and about me, I am only part of the universal whole.

In order for us to heal as a species, we each have to start from the inside and let it shine outward. We are all connected; every living being on this planet is linked to the next. Today, I am embarking on yet another journey to health. As I transition from a vegan to a live foodist, I realize that life can only be sustained with life, thus the food we eat must be alive. Our journeys are constant, our transitions are infinite our health is merely a vehicle to enjoy all that’s in between!

Peace and Blessings!

-Babette Davis