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Cherie Soria

March 23, 2012, 10:30am-1:30pm

Raw Food for Cooked Food Lovers

Raw food revolutionary, Cherie Soria, is the founder and director of Living Light Culinary Institute, and has been teaching the art of gourmet raw foods to individuals, chefs, and instructors for more than 20 years and vegetarian culinary arts for 40 years. Cherie is also the author of four books, including Raw Food Revolution Diet and Raw Food for Dummies.

In 1992, after studying with Dr. Ann Wigmore in Puerto Rico, Cherie learned the principles of using whole, live foods to aid in healing and rejuvenation. She recognized the need to make these simple foods as nurturing to the soul as they are nourishing to the body, and began creating a gourmet cuisine that would rival the most delicious traditional cooked foods. Since then, Cherie has personally trained many of the world’s top raw food chefs and instructors and is often referred to as the Mother of Gourmet Raw Vegan Cuisine. 

Cherie and her husband, Dan Ladermann own and operate several raw food businesses besides Living Light Culinary Institute, including a Living Light Cafe, Living Light Marketplace, a retail store providing gifts for chefs and products for healthful living, and the historic, eco-friendly Living Light Inn, all located on the beautiful Mendocino coast of northern California. They also host the Living Light Chef Showcase: Hot Chefs, Cool Kitchen, an event that highlights twelve of the world’s top raw food chefs and instructors each August at the Living Light Center, which is streamed over the internet to thousands of people worldwide. Cherie and Dan have received numerous awards and accolades for Living Light International, which is recognized as one of the leading raw food businesses in the world.