Gwendolyn Mathers - Miss Kitchen Witch

Gwendolyn Mathers photo

Gwendolyn Mathers, Miss Kitchen Witch

March 1, 2014, 10:30am - 1:30pm

Chef Gwendolyn Mathers, best known as Miss Kitchen Witch, is a free lance vegan chef and baker. Veg from birth, she has been cooking professionally for nearly ten-years. Deriving inspiration from cultural traditions and folklore, she promotes compassion and veganism through the culinary and creative arts. 

Working with each client, she designs creative, delicious, and affordable vegan menus and meals for every occasion–preparing everyday comfort foods, full course meals for  glamorous parties, and even creating personalized wedding cakes. Trained in Hawaii, Chef Gwendolyn is experienced in a variety of regional and ethnic cuisines from the fresh flavors of Japan, Hawaii, and Thailand to the rich decadence of Ireland, England, and continental Europe. 

She is currently working on her debut cookbook, which will exhibit her passion for vegan cooking and love of art.