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Mollie Englehart

Mollie Englehart

of Sage Vegan Bistro & KindKreme

January 11, 2014, 10:30am-1:30pm

Mollie was raised vegan on a small farm in upstate New York. Her upbringing inspired a love for gardening, foodscaping, and cooking. In addition to her affection for food and cooking, she is extremely passionate about animals and the environ- ment.

After high school, Mollie made her way to Los Angeles to attend the prestigious CalArts film program to pursue her desire to be a filmmaker. While working towards her degree she fell in love with the music indus- try, and began her professional career in entertainment working for the urban A&R department Epic at Sony Music under the guidance and teaching of Max Gousse. Her entrepreneurial spirit was quickly realized with the founding of Majestic Studios, which rapidly became the recording home for many artists on the Epic and Electra labels in addition to Virgin and many others.

It was around this time that Mollie began to explore her personal artistic talents, and became a successful spoken word artist. She recorded several albums, toured the entire country, and appeared on the HBO series Def Poetry Jam, as well as the groundbreaking documentary Sp!t.

Several years later Mollie turned her attention to her life long passion for cooking and vegan food. In a single year she opened the first KindKreme in Studio City and produced her first documentary, May I Be Frank. The film follows an unhealthy, obese, native New Yorker who accepts a chal- lenge to go vegan for 42 days, in which he becomes sober, loses weight, and becomes healthy again. The film received overwhelming acclaim.

One year after the first KindKreme opened, the second location opened in Pasadena. Less than one month later Sage opened in Echo Park and a third KindKreme location was born. Mollie is now the owner operator of Sage and KindKreme and responsible for most of the menus of both properties. She has a true intuition when it comes to food and business. 2012 has been successful and exciting on many levels. Sage continues to produce outstanding numbers, and KindKreme is an internationally acclaimed leader in the vegan dessert industry. In addition to the restaurants, Mollie's second film End of Love debuted as an Official Selection at Sundance Film Festival.

This is just the beginning of her story.