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Sanae Suzuki

Sanae Suzuki

February 22, 2014, 10:30am-1:30pm

"Japanese Coastal Cuisine: Sushi, Sea Vegetables and Sweets"

Sanae Suzuki: Whole Health Macrobiotic Educator and Counselor, Flower Essences Practitioner, Certified Therapeutic Massage Therapist for people and pets, Co-owner of  Seed Kitchen, Author

She is a long-time student of Michio Kushi, world leader of Macrobiotic education, and completed all Level IV training at the Kushi Institute in Becket, MA. She also holds a certificate of recognition from Kushi Institute International for macrobiotic teaching.

She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1993, which inspired her to learn about macrobiotics as a path to healing. Eight years later, she suffered a near fatal car accident in the Arizona desert. She was able to overcome both of these extreme life challenges through practicing and embracing the philosophy of macrobiotics.

Sanae has taught and cooked extensively vegan macrobiotics cuisine within California, including Williams Sonoma, California Sushi Academy, Southern California Culinary School, Erewhon Natural Foods Market, Co-op and Whole Foods Market. Nationally and internationally, her venues include the Health Classic, A Taste of Health Cruise, the International Macrobiotic Summer Conference, several locations in Japan including Kushi Institute of Japan, and the Caribbean, UK and Europe. 

She has published her first cookbook, love, eric & sanae with her husband, Eric Lechasseur and the second one published as her own cookbook, love, sanae which features  a full-year's worth over 120 healing vegan macrobiotics recipes. 

It is her desire to help plant a seed of physical, intellectual, and spiritual happiness that will flourish within each person she meets.