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Scott Winegard

Scott Winegard

January 26, 2013, 10:30am - 1:30pm

Director of Culinary Operations at Matthew Kenney

As a born and bred New Yorker, Scott Winegard’s commitment to seasonal plant-based cuisine developed early on. His initial experience traces back nearly twenty years to Angelica Kitchen, where the budding chef worked under owners who were passionate about sourcing and preparing only the highest quality ingredients.

Since, Winegard has been an integral member of various New York City kitchens, including a long term stint as Chef de Cuisine of Pure Food & Wine. New York Magazine’s Adam Platt called Winegard’s menu for Pure “innovative” and “delicious,” and bestowed the raw vegan and organic kitchen with a position on their 2006 list of the 101 best restaurants in the city — the only pure vegetarian restaurant to claim the honor.

In 2011, he spent the winter in Copenhagen at Noma, the Denmark restaurant, exalted by critics to be one of the best in the world. He also was the host and executive chef of Nasturtium, an exclusive and successful Brooklyn-based dinner club, and served as Chef for a select group of private clients from the fields of media, television and fashion. His commitment to fresh, seasonal, and vibrant cuisine was instrumental in forging these relationships.

He recently rejoined with Matthew Kenney, co-founder of Pure Food and Wine, as the Director of Culinary Operations, and oversees the company’s kitchens in Los Angeles, Chicago, Oklahoma and it’s upcoming Miami project.

In addition to cooking, Winegard is also known internationally for his career as a musician, performing all over the world and selling hundreds of thousands of records with his recently reunited band, Texas is the Reason.

It is impossible to miss the creative radiance that infuses all of Scott Winegard’s work — from the record on your stereo to the food on your plate. “The bottom line for me,” he explains, “is using your imagination and having fun.”